Vicky Baker

2月 11, 2020

A Series of Lectures & Workshops at Ghent University

Dr. Lia Wei (Renmin University), Ms. Salome Foltin (University of Tübingen). February 11–March 3, 2020. Ghent University, Auditorium and Workshop Room Vandenhove.
2月 6, 2020

Guest Lecture: On the Interior Life of Master Hongyi 弘一大師 (1880-1942), a Modern Chinese Buddhist Artist-Monk: Three or Four Strands

Raoul Birnbaum (University of California Santa Cruz). 5 pm - 6:30 pm Thursday, February 6, 2020. University of California, Berkeley, 3335 Dwinelle Hall
1月 30, 2020

Guest Lecture: Chiasmus in Bodhisattva Literature: Two Examples and Theorizing a Meta-Structure

Matthew Orsborn (Taiwan National University). January 30, 2020. 370 Dwinelle Hall, University of California, Berkeley.
1月 14, 2020

International Conference on “Esoteric Buddhism and East Asian Society” — Abstracts

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