Wang, Changlin

Sichuan University

  • February 9–May 5, 2020. Ghent University

Dr. WANG Changlin 王長林 (° 1989) received his Ph.D. from Sichuan University in 2017. He is currently an associate researcher at the Institute of Chinese Folk Culture at Sichuan University. Dr. Wang’s research interests include the language of Buddhist literature and the history of Chinese vocabulary. He published a monograph (2018) on Zen literature language with Shanghai Education Press as well as several articles on linguistic topics related to Zen Buddhist literature from Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties in journals such as Yuyan yanjiu 語言研究, Yuyan kexue 語言科學, and Hanyu xuebao 漢語學報. Wang Changlin is Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the Chinese History Research Collection (CSSCI Source Collection) and Assistant Editor of the Popular Language Studies. Supported by the generous funding of the Tianzhu Foundation, Wang Changlin will give lectures, seminars and workshops on a variety of topics and at various levels during his stay at Ghent University (February 9–May 5, 2020). He will also closely cooperate in the framework of the current research projects.

(More details forthcoming).