Network Summary

This network funding provides increased opportunities for scholarly engagement in a number of ways. Eminent professors are identified for visiting professorships at partner universities, and to deliver lectures on their particular area of research. Graduate students benefit through fellowships and opportunities for fieldwork related to the FROGBEAR project. The reach of these funds will extend to other scholars through the academic conferences that may be part of the public Buddhist Festival held in the city of each member institution. Partners may provide support to specific related initiatives, based on their specific context.

In conjunction with the activities of the network, UBC will be undertaking several special initiatives including:

  • Increasing the number of Buddhism-related courses taught at UBC.
  • Providing full graduate student fellowships to support the development of emerging scholars and encourage them to continue in Buddhist Studies.
  • Supporting graduate student exchanges to provide students with intercultural exchanges and training opportunities.
  • A lecture series for distinguished professors to advance the discussion of specific aspects related to Buddhist Cultures.
  • Visiting professorships to allow senior scholars to share their wisdom and collaborate with colleagues from other continents.
  • International conferences for both emerging and established scholars to enrich the dialogue on specific themes.
  • A book series written and edited by top scholars in the field.
  • An award for Excellence in Chan Studies to recognize outstanding research.