Ma, Lijun

Tsinghua University

  • May 1–October 31, 2019. Harvard University

Lijun Ma 馬立軍 is the Art Design Instructor of Xinjiang Education Institute and is a doctoral candidate in Theory of Design at Tsinghua University. His research focuses on the theory and application of information art design. Most of his works center around cultural heritage digitization. Since 2012, he has been active in new media art communities in Beijing and Xinjiang, China. His works have been exhibited in the 2016 Linz Ars Electronica Art Festival, the 4th Art and Science International Exhibition (Beijing), the 2nd Xinjiang International Art Biennale exhibition, the 5th International Symposium on Cultural Heritage and Digitization, and the 3rd China Design & Public Art Exhibition. He co-curated the first Wenzhou International Design Biennale (Cross-Border & Linkage International New Media Design Exhibition), and the “Tianqiao Art Life” New Media Art Exhibition for the 2017 Beijing Design Week.