Tang, Zhongmao

East China Normal University

  • November 2018. University of British Columbia

Prof. Tang Zhongmao is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor in the School of Social Development at East China Normal University. He also serves as the copy editor of Journal of East China Normal University (Philosophy and Social Science) and the Deputy Director of Center for Social and Religious Research of East China Normal University. He received his doctorate in philosophy at East China Normal University and finished postdoctoral study in the Institute of Chinese Historical Geography at Fudan University. His main research areas are Buddhism, Religious Folklore, and Sociology of Religion. Prof. Tang associates himself widely with academic institutions, serving as the council member on the Chinese Association for Religious Studies, the council member and vice-secretary of Shanghai Association of Religion Studies, and the vice-chairman of Shanghai Zhao Puchu Research Institute. He has published 5 monographs and more than 40 academic papers including佛教本覺思想論爭的現代性考察 (Debate on Buddhism Original Enlightenment Thought in Modernity, 2006),中國佛教近代轉型的社會之維 (The Social Dimension of Chinese Buddhism’s Transformation in Modern Times, 2013), and經卷遺存:長江流域民俗文化與藝術遺存 (The Remaining Scriptures: The Folk Culture and Art Remaining in Yangtze River Basin, 2013).

While visiting UBC, Prof. Tang Zhongmao delivered a lecture titled “The Life-world of Chinese Buddhism: Temple-Town Relationship and Everyday Life in the Area South of the Yangtze River”.