Mu, Yezi

Yezi Mu, Ph.D. student in Department of Languages and Cultures at Ghent University, received stipend for her travel to Shaolin Monastery in September 2017.

Yezi received B.A. in from Beijing Foreign Studies University, P.R.China in 2011 for her Chinese Language and Literature English Language and Literature thesis “Complex Sentences in Mahāsangha Vinaya”. In 2013, she received M.A. from Leiden University, The Netherlands for her Linguistics: Structure and Variation in Languages of the World (Research) thesis “Causative Constructions in Chinese Buddhist Texts: A typological perspective”. Her Ph.D. research topic at Ghent University is Tense and aspect in early Chinese Buddhist literature. A diachronic and comparative study”. With early Chinese Buddhist literature produced before the fifth century A.D. as the major subject, her doctoral research on tense and aspect aims to offer a comprehensive analysis on how aspecto-temporal markers were used when Indian Buddhist texts began to be translated into Chinese language during the first centuries before terms and expressions got standardized.