Liu, Wen

January–April 2020. McMaster University

Project title: “The cultural identity in the Buddhist thought of modern China and Japan — taking the Buddhist reform movement of Taixu rabbi as the research object”

Liu Wen’s major is Chinese modern history. In the past undergraduate and postgraduate stages, she had completed the Chinese and foreign history course with good results, and gained a good historical foundation. She had independently written several historical papers, and have a preliminary grasp of the use of historical materials and analytical methods. Although she is a major in history, she has become interested in religious studies after taking courses such as “Three Major Religions”.

“Recently, I took the course of modern social history theory as an elective course, and accumulated a large amount of knowledge of folk religions and beliefs in the Ming and Qing dynasties. I tried to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to view religious issues from the perspectives of anthropology, sociology and religion. After class, I have read the articles of Prasenjit Duara, Yiming Song, David Faure and other scholars, taken a strong interest in folk religion.”