Groner, Paul

University of Virginia

  • October 2018. University of California, Berkeley

Paul Groner received his Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies from Yale and taught at the University of Virginia. His research focused on the Japanese Tendai School during the Heian period and the precepts and ordinations, which led to research on Eison, founder of the Shingon Ritsu sect, and the status of nuns in medieval Japan. In recent years, his interests have extended to the Tendai educational system during the Muromachi Period and to the establishment of Japan’s first public library at the Tendai temple, Kan’eiji. His publications consist of Saichō: The Establishment of the Japanese Tendai SchoolRyōgen and Mount Hiei: Japanese Tendai in the Tenth Century, and approximately fifty papers.

While visiting UC Berkeley, Prof. Paul Groner delivered a lecture entitled, “Reflections on the Movement to Revive the Precepts in Kamakura Japan”.