An International and Intensive Program on Buddhism at UBC: Young Scholars Forum

An International and Intensive Program on Buddhism at UBC: Young Scholars Forum

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Schedule for UBC Young Scholars’ Forum on Buddhist Studies (click here to download)

Venue:  Irving K Barber Building, Room 155

 Day 1 (August 4): Student Presentations & Occasional Lectures

 Morning Session: 9:00-10:40am

Panel 部會1: Textual Studies 經典與文獻

(Chair 主持: DENG Jinhua; Discussant 評議: Chen-kuo Lin)

Part 1 (9:00-9:45)——Presentations (3 x 15 = 45 minutes)

1.1 (9:00-9:15): FU Jisi 傅及斯 (Fudan University 復旦大學/UBC): The Study of Sutra of the Questions of Pratibhana (Bianyi zhangzhezi jing) from Dunhuang 敦煌本《辯意長者子經》整理與研究

1.2. (9:15-9:30): PAN Lifei 潘麗妃 (Ghent University/Sichuan University 四川大學) : 《妙法蓮華經》英譯比較研究—身份與翻譯

1.3. (9:30-9:45): TANG Jia 唐嘉 (Chinese National Academy of Arts 中國藝術研究院/UBC): 《大品經玄義》“有方待”等四句之“方”解——兼論訓詁方法在佛學研究中的運用

Part 2 (9:45-10:00)——Comments 評議 (15 minutes)

Part 3 (10:00-10:40)——Discussion 自由討論 (40 minutes)

Lunch break: 11:00am-13:00pm

Afternoon Session (1) (13:00-14:30)Occasional Lecture 1 (by Professor Chen-kuo LIN, Cheng-chi University of Taiwan)

 Afternoon Session (2) (15:00-16:30)Occasional Lecture 2 (by Professor Wei-jen TENG, Dharma Drum Liberal College)

Dinner Break 17:00-18:30

Evening Session (18:30-20:45)

Panel 部會2: Buddhism & Society 佛教與社會

(Chair 主持: LI Jie; Discussant 評議: ter Haar)

Part 1 (18:30-19:00)——Presentations (4 x 15 = 60 minutes)

2.1 (18:30-18:45). LE Jing 樂晶 (East China Normal University 華東師範大學/UBC):  Relationships between Buddhism and Merchants in Tang China 唐代佛教與商人的關系 ——以僧人傳記為中心的探討

2.2 (18:45-19:00).  LAU Ngar-sze  劉雅詩 (Lancaster University):  Desire for Self-healing: Lay Practice of Satipaṭṭhāna in Contemporary China

2.3 (19:00-19:15). Christopher ROWE (Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts 法鼓文理學院): A Lotus within a Fire: Yinguang’s Views of Lay Buddhist Practice

2.4 (19:15-19:30). Ying Yazhe 應亞哲/ Ven. Shi Xiandong 釋賢動 (University of the West ):Tradition, Modernity and the Contributions of Deer Park Monastery

Part 2 (19:30-19:45)——Comments評議 (15 minutes)

Part 3 (19:45-20:45)——Discussion自由討論 (30 minutes)

Day 2 (August 5): Student Presentations & Occasional Lecture

 Morning Session: 9am-11:30am

Panel 部會3: Border-crossing 跨界交流

(Chair 主持: WANG Huayan; Discussant 評議: JI Zhe)

Part 1 (9:00-10:15)——Presentations (5 x 15 = 75 minutes)

3.1 (9:00-9:15). WANG Feifei 王菲菲 (Hunan University 湖南大學): Chinese Buddhists’ Strategy and Networks under the Transition of Buddhist Administration in Southeastern China under the Yuan: Studies Focused on Xiaolin Daxin 制度、群體與網絡: 元代佛教管理政策變遷下的江南漢僧——以笑隱大訢為中心的討論

3.2 (9:15-9:30). KIM Sinae  金溪 (Princeton university): Temple Oracle Slips in Song China and in Edo Japan: Tianzhu Lingqian 天竺靈籤 and Ganzan Daishi Mikuji 元三大師御籤

3.3 (9:30-9:45). LIU Jinyue/Ven. Xianguan 釋賢貫 (Yale Divinity School): Debates, Parables and the Origin: Comparative Studies of Pāyāsi Sutta and Its Jain Equivalency

3.4 (9:45-10:00). Chang Haohao/ Ven. Shi Xiangou釋賢構 (Yale Divinity School): Analysis on the Lay Connections of Shen-hui and Interactions Between Different Schools of Early Chan

3.5 (10:00-10:15). Ven. Shi Deguang 釋德光  (Renmin University of China 中國人民大學): The Revival of Chinese Buddhism under the Cultural Trend of the East and the West 東西方文化思潮中近代中國佛教的復興

Part 2 (10:15-10:30)——Comments 評議 (15 minutes)

Part 3 (10:30-11:30)——Discussion 自由討論 (60 minutes)

 Lunch Break: 11:30am-1:00pm

 Afternoon Session (1): 13:00-14:45

Panel 部會4: Doctrinal Studies 佛教觀念

(Chair 主持: Sinae KIM; Discussant 評議: TENG Wei-jen)

Part 1 (13:00-14:00)——Presentations (4 x 15 = 60 minutes)

4.1 (13:00-13:15). BAI Bing 白冰 (Northwest University 西北大學): 真諦譯《攝大乘論》——加行、見道與修習

4.2 (13:15-13:30).  DAI Yingying 戴莹莹 (Sichuan University 四川大學): 淺論宋代巴蜀佛教

4.3 (13:30-13:45). Kai SHMUSHKO 開心 (Tel Aviv University): Identifying the “Experience Entity” – Tracing the Role of the Senses and Mind in the Bu Zhenkonglun

4.4 (13:45-14:00). Xu Hongjuan 許泓娟/ Ven. Shi Xianfeng 釋賢楓 (Harvard University 哈佛大學): Understanding Vinaya through the Lens of the Five Aggregates

Part 2 (14:00-14:15)——Comments評議 (15 minutes)

Part 3 (14:15-14:50)——Discussion自由討論 (35 minutes)

Break: 14:50-15:00pm 

Afternoon Session (2): 15:00-16:45pm

Panel 部會5: Buddhist Arts and literature 佛教藝術與文學

(Chair 主持: Mingli SUN; Discussant 評議: Anderl)

Part 1 (15:00-15:45)——Presentations (3 x 15 = 45 minutes)

5.1 (15:00-15:15). PARK Bumkeun 朴范根 (Tsinghua University 清華大學) : The Image Narration for the Idea of Karma  — Focusing on “The Mirror of Karma” 佛教業觀念的圖像敘述——以「業鏡」為中心

5.2 (15:15-15:30). CHEN Long 陳龍 (Xinzhou Normal College 忻州師範學院): 文殊信仰的初传——以《古清凉传》为中心的考察

5.3 (15:30-15:45). XIONG Xingli  熊幸立/Ven. Mingquan 釋明詮 (Liuzu Temple 六祖寺): Novel, Buddhism and Wang Yangming’s Theory: the strategy of Qichao Liang in 1890-1907 小說、佛教與王學——梁啓超「以言論造成一種人物」的陶鑄心力/情感策略(以1890-1907年為主)

Part 2 (15:45-16:00)——Comments評議 (15 minutes)

Part 3 (16:00-16:45)——Discussion自由討論 (30 minutes)

Dinner Break 17:00-18:30

Evening Session (19:00-20:15): Occasional Lecture 3 (by Professor Jessica MAIN, UBC)

 Day 3 (August 6): Tour of International Buddhist Society 國際佛教觀音寺

 8:30 am            Departure from Place Vanier (1935 Lower Mall)

4:00 pm            Depart Temple and return to UBC