An International and Intensive Program on Buddhism at INALCO: Schedule

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Schedule for the Intensive Program on Buddhism

July 6-24, 2019  INALCO. Paris, France

  1. Segment 1 (July 6-17)
    • July 6 (Saturday): arrival
    • July 7 (Sunday): free
    • July 8-12: seminars (location: Séminaire polonais de Paris)

Segment 1 (Heirman, Ji)

Date & Time Session 19:00am-10:30am Session 210:45am-12:15pm Session 32:00pm-3:30pm Session 44:00pm-5:30pm
Jul 8 (Monday) Heirman-1 Ji-1 Heirman-2 Ji-2
Jul 9 (Tuesday) Ji-3 Heirman-3 Vincent Goossaert (3:00pm -5:00pm, INALCO)
Jul 10 (Wednesday) Heirman-4 Ji-4 Heirman-5 Ji-5
Jul 11 (Thursday) Ji-6 Heirman-6 Pascal Bordeaux (3:00pm -5:00pm, INALCO)
Jul 12 (Friday) Heirman-7 Ji-7 Daniela Campo (3:00pm -5:00pm, INALCO)
  • July 13 (Saturday): tour 1 (Musée national des Arts asiatiques-Guimet 吉美國立亞洲藝術博物館)
  • July 14 (Sunday): break
  1. Intersegmental Conference and Student Forum (July 15-17)

2.1. July 15-16 (Monday- Tuesday): the 2nd International Workshop of the Chinese Buddhism (location: Séminaire polonais de Paris) 第二届现代中国宗教国际工作坊,现确定有李四龙(北京大学)、宣方(中国人民大学)、包胜勇(中央财经大学)、王颂 (北京大学)、付海晏(华中师范大学)、李建欣(中国社会科学院)、陈进国(中国社会科学院)、Benjamin Brose (University of Michigan)、蒋海怒(浙江理工大学)、Daniela Campo (Stralsboug University)、陈怀宇 (Arizona State University)参加。

2.2. July 17 (Wednesday): Youth Forum (location: Séminaire polonais de Paris)

  1. Segment 2 (July 18-24)

3.1. July 18-22: Seminars (location: Séminaire polonais de Paris)

Segment 2 (Brown, Chen)

Date & Time Session 19:00am-10:30am Session 210:45am-12:15pm Session 32:00pm-3:30pm Session 44:00pm-5:30pm
Jul 18 (Thursday) Brown-1 Chen-1 Stéphane Arguillère (3:00pm -5:00pm, INALCO)
Jul 19 (Friday) Chen-2 Brown-2 Benjamin Brose (3:00pm -5:00pm, INALCO)
Jul 20 (Saturday) Chen-3 Chen-4 Brown-3 Brown-4
Jul 21 (Sunday) Chen-5 Chen-6 Brown-5 Brown-6
Jul 22 (Monday) Brown-7 Chen-7 Jiang Hainu
(3:00pm -5:00pm, INALCO)

3.2. July 23 (Tuesday): Tour 2 (佛光山法華禅寺)
3.3. July 24 (Wednesday): Departure


  1. The courses will be held at the conference room at the Séminaire polonais de Paris (, 11 rue Jules Guesde, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux. The accommodation for professors is also at the Séminaire polonais. The breakfast place is at your accommodation place. The lunch and dinner place is at the Accueil Saint Paul (, 22 rue de l’abbé Derry, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux. It takes 5 minutes from one place to another.
  2. It takes 1 hour from the accommodation to INALCO. The lectures will be held at the Salle 5.09 (75 pers.), INALCO, 65 rue des grands moulins, 75013 Paris. All the events held at INALCO are open to public.
  3. Due to the constraint of the meal schedule (breakfast at 8h00-9h00, lunch at 12h30-13h30 and dinner at 19h30 for two nights), we have only 3.5 hours (9h00-12h30) in the morning.
  4. In this schedule, each session is 1.5 hours and there are 7 sessions by each one of the four teachers.
  5. We will have 6 lectures given by invited teachers.