2020 International and Intensive Program on Buddhism at McMaster University: Student Participants

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Name Gender Level From Institution Research keywords
Manuel ATO DEL AVELLANAL CARRERA M PhD PERU / SPAIN / UK SOAS, University of London Engaged Buddhism; Humanistic Buddhism; Buddhist Modernism; Buddhist social philosophy; Comparative social philosophy
Kelly CARLTON F PhD USA Princeton University Medieval Chinese Buddhism; children; miracle tales; karma
Michael Jason CAVAYERO 柯偉業 M Postdoctoral Fellow USA/CHINA Peking University 早期(六朝至唐代)畫論語言、詞彙;中國早期佛典翻譯文獻;佛教與畫史的互動;語言文獻比較 | Early Chinese Painting Theory; Tang and Pre-Tang Texts on Chinese Painting; Painting Terminology as derived from early Chinese Buddhist Translation Texts; Early Translation idioms, terms, neologisms
Wenxi CHEN 陳文希 F PhD CHINA/GERMANY Universität Hamburg Temple cults in north China
Antoine CID M MA FRANCE INALCO Su Manshu; Literary Modernity; Education
Elisabetta COLLA
F Assoc. Prof. ITALY /  PORTUGAL University of Lisbon Buddhism in Macau, with a particular interest on Mazu temple and its connection to the maritime world
Margarita DELGADO CREAMER 唐杉 F working PERU / USA University of Pittsburgh Early Chinese Buddhist material culture
Shengtao DENG 鄧盛濤 M PhD CHINA/SINGAPORE National University of Singapore Tang-Song spiritual transformation; Cross-fertilization among Buddhism; Taoism and Confucianism; Truly Eternal Mind-only of Buddhism (especially Huayan and Chan); Inner transcendence and ultimate enlightenment
Yizhen GUO 郭一臻 M MA CHINA Sichuan University Buddhist literature, especially narration research in Buddhist text
Tali HERSHKOVITZ F PhD ISRAEL/USA Brown University Women’s religious experiences; religious spaces in Medieval China (specifically the Song dynasty)
Emily HUNT F UG USA Belmont University Tibetan Buddhism; Aesthetics; and Comparative Literature/Poetry
Rusha JIN 金如沙 F MA CHINA Remin University of China Zhanran’s theory on Buddha-nature
Chengpeng LI 李程鵬 M MA CHINA Wuhan University Buddhist textual translations; transmission of Buddhism; Early Buddhism; Interaction between Buddhism and Indian orthodox schools
Xinchang LI 李心暢 F PhD CHINA Nanjing University
Yuchen LIANG 梁宇辰 M PhD CHINA/USA Emory University Laney Graduate School History and practice in Heidegger and Chan Buddhism
Yu-Chen LIOU 劉育辰 F MA CHINA National Chengchi University Maitreya belief; Mahā-cakra-vajri; Middle and Late Tang Dynasty; the tendency of Esoteric Buddhism
Yunou LIU 劉韻鷗 F PhD CHINA/USA Harvard University Buddhist Literary Genres; Buddhist transmission; Archetype Analysis on Su Shi’s literary images connected with Buddhism; Digital Humanity
Yuting LIU F MA CHINA/CANADA McGill University Guanyin Jingbian; Mogao caves; boundaries; narrative and iconic; space and time; fluidity
Xueling LUO 羅雪菱 F PhD CHINA Sun Yat-sen University Buddhist archaeology; Buddhist art in tombs; Buddhist social history
Abigail MACBAIN F PhD USA Columbia University State protection Buddhism in relation to Buddhist transmission to Japan in the 8th century
Lara MORELLO F HS USA The Bolles School
Siaw Hung NG 吳小紅 F PhD MALAYSIA/CHINA Peking University Buddhism education system influenced by Hindu in early stages
Devin OUELLETTE M PhD CANADA University of Toronto Modern Chinese and East Asian Political Thought; Comparative Political Theory; Queer and Feminist Theory; Radical Politics
Qinqin PENG 彭沁沁 F PhD CHINA/GERMANY Georg-August-Universität Göttingen Historiography; Buddhism; Modern China
Jeremy STEPHENSON M UG UK Leiden University Derrida; Nishida; non-duality; sunyata; deconstruction
Weston Elliot STRICKLER M MA USA/SRI LANKA University of Peradeniya Early Buddhist understanding of the noble eightfold path
Huizhi WANG
F MA CHINA/USA University of Colorado, Boulder Chinese Buddhism and literature; Continued Biographies of Eminent Monks 續高僧傳
F MA CHINA/UK The British Library Lotus Sutra manuscripts in the British Library collections; contemporary artists’ engagement with Buddhist philosophies, particularly artists in China, Korea and Japan
Henry WU M UG AUSTRALIA Australian National University Chinese Buddhist translations of Kumārajīva
Lingran XIE F UG CHINA/USA DePauw University Tibetan Buddhism; Tibetan medicine
Xinyue XIE 謝心悅 F UG CHINA/UK University of Cambridge Chan Buddhism, comparison with Western philosophy of language; development of tathāgatagarbha doctrine and its influence on Chinese Buddhism
Ke XU 徐克 M PhD CHINA Yunnan University Local religion during the Ming, Qing; Changes of Religion during the Tang, Song; Relationship of Buddhism and Taoism during the Tang, Song
Xi YANG 楊希 F MA CHINA/HONG KONG The University of Kelaniya Tibetan Buddhism; non-sectarian; theory and practice
Xinhui YANG F PhD CHINA/USA University of Southern California Buddhist art and material culture of the Silk Road, Tibet, and China of the 7th to the 13th century
Biao ZHANG M MA CHINA/CANADA McGill University East Asian visual culture; History of Chinese Buddhism; Portraits of monks and literati in Medieval China; Buddhist manuscript culture
Zhetan ZHANG 張柘潭 F PhD CHINA Nanjing University Buddhist art (the mutual interpretation of Nirvana images and philosophies)
Haoqin ZHONG 鍾昊沁 F PhD CHINA The University of Hong Kong comparative study of different Buddhist texts; Feminist Buddhology; and the history and culture of Chinese Buddhism
Pinyan ZHU
F PhD CHINA/USA University of Kansas Longmen Grottoes; Wu Zetian; Huayan Buddhism; and Buddhist burial practice
Yongbo ZHU 朱永博 M MA CHINA Fudan University History of modern Chinese Buddhist thought; Tiantai Sect; Śūraṅgama-Sūtra
Zhuoma 卓瑪 F PhD CHINA Northwest Minzu University Buddhist holy mountains; pilgrimage; and Tunhuang texts