Vicky Baker

14 5 月, 2019

Buddhism & Technology: Historical Background and Contemporary Challenges — Panelists

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1 5 月, 2019

Lu, Peng

May–October 2019. University of British Columbia
22 3 月, 2019

International Conference: The Metamorphosis of Buddhism in New Era China

9:00 am–6:30 pm, March 22–23, 2019. Inalco, Salle 4.23, 65 rue des, Grands Moulins, 75013 Paris.
13 3 月, 2019

Database of Chinese Medieval Texts

The Database of Chinese Medieval Texts (DMCT) is an on-going, open-ended, digitization of Chinese Medieval texts. This collaborative project is a linguistic research tool that shows mark ups and analytics on Late Medieval Chinese syntax and semantics. This database is open to the public.