Harvard University

21 8 月, 2019

Guest Lecture: “Found Footage, Found Sound, Found Objects and Exhibition Space: Strategies in Cinematic Practice”

Wenhua Shi (University of Massachusetts Boston). 1 pm–3 pm, Wednesday, Aug 21, 2019. Harvard University, Sackler Building 427.
19 9 月, 2019

CAMLab Production: Peony Pavilion | 牡丹亭

September 19–26, 2019. Harvard University, The Annex, Arthur M. Sackler Building, First Floor.
25 10 月, 2019

Exhibition: Fire Dream: Zhao Meng and the Reinvention of the Clay Medium

Closing Reception on Friday, October 25, 2019, 4–6 pm. Sun Ren (China Academy of Art), Eugene Y. Wang (Harvard University), Professor Jeffrey Moser (Brown University), and Brad Miller (Brad Miller Studio). Harvard University, Sackler Building 427.
15 11 月, 2019

Conference: Site and Sight: Chinese Pagoda

Friday, November 15-16, 2019. Harvard University Arthur M. Sackler Building, Room 427