Other Activities

9 月 20, 2019

CAMLab Production: Peony Pavilion | 牡丹亭

September 19–26, 2019. Harvard University, The Annex, Arthur M. Sackler Building, First Floor.
7 月 1, 2019

CAMLab at Harvard University

CAMLab at Harvard University explores innovative, interdisciplinary ways of showcasing Chinese art and culture through immersive installations, exhibitions, films, digital publications, and other multimedia forms.
3 月 13, 2019

Database of Chinese Medieval Texts

The Database of Chinese Medieval Texts (DMCT) is an on-going, open-ended, digitization of Chinese Medieval texts. This collaborative project is a linguistic research tool that shows mark ups and analytics on Late Medieval Chinese syntax and semantics. This database is open to the public.
2 月 1, 2018

CAMLab Production: Mind in the Cave | 洞見

2018. Harvard University, Dunhuang Research Academy.